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Exercise and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)


Treatments for (ED)


Diet and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

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Pelvic Floor Exercises (PFEs)
The pelvic floor muscles surround the lower corpora cavernosa, the two cylinders of spongy tissue that, when engorged with blood, cause an erection. The amount of pressure (hardness) of these tissues depends on inflow of arterial blood, maximized by NO, and outflow of blood through the veins carrying blood away from the penis. As the pelvic floor muscles lose their tone (lack of physical exercise can do this), they fail to close off the venous outflow of blood that maintains the erection. As these muscles become stronger and bulkier with general exercise or specific pelvic floor exercises (PFEs), outflow of blood is reduced. PFEs have been evaluated in a scientific study. The men who performed PFEs had a significant increase of their erectile function scores, while the men who did not remained unchanged. When the men who were not performing the PFEs then began to do them they had a similar improvement in the ED. When the study results were compared with the use of prescription medication, Viagra for severe ED, the results were remarkably similar. Viagra increases arterial inflow, while PFE decrease venous outflow and increase pressure and therefore penile rigidity. It makes sense that these two approaches should be combined, because individual men may respond to one approach better than to the other. Increasing arterial inflow while simultaneously decreasing venous outflow and increasing pressure within the penis should be the ideal approach for all men with ED.
 How to Perform Pelvic Floor Exercises (PFEs) for ED
In standing position
, stand with your feet apart and tighten your pelvic floor muscles as if you were trying to stop the flow of urine and intestinal gas from escaping. Looking in a mirror, you should be able to see the base of your penis move nearer to your abdomen and your testicles rise. 
Hold the contraction as strongly as you can.
 Try to avoid holding your breath, pulling in your abdomen or tensing your buttocks.
Perform 3 maximal contractions while standing in the morning and hold them for 10 seconds. 
 And perform 3 maximal contractions while standing in the evening holding each of them for 10 seconds.

At other times during the day: In the sitting position
, sit on a chair with your knees apart and tighten your pelvic floor muscles as if you were lifting your pelvic floor but not your buttocks off the chair. Hold the contraction as long as you can.
 Try to avoid holding your breath, pulling in your abdomen or tensing your buttocks. Perform 3 to 6 maximal contractions while sitting during the day holding them for 10 seconds each.

As time permits, in the lying position, 
lie on your back with your knees bent and your knees apart. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles and hold the contraction as long as you can.
Try to avoid pulling in your abdomen or tensing your buttocks. 
Perform 3-6 maximal contractions while in the lying position.
Other ways to do PFEs: While walking
, try lifting your pelvic floor muscles up 50% of maximum when walking.

After you have voided urine, try tightening your pelvic floor muscles strongly to avoid the after-dribble.

During sexual activity
, try tightening your pelvic floor muscles rhythmically to achieve and maintain penile rigidity during sexual activity. Slow thrusting movements generate higher pressures inside the penis (pressure on the tip of the penis causes contractions of those same muscles).

And finally, to delay ejaculation
, for men with premature ejaculation, try tightening your pelvic floor muscles to delay ejaculation.


  1. 64-year-old married grandfather and cancer survivor

    “Something very interesting is happening here. Since taking these supplements, I’ve not only had better erections, but my desire has really increased. Things that haven’t gotten me aroused for many years now do, and I find myself thinking about sex much more often, like when I was a young man. Someone should measure testosterone levels before and after these supplements. I bet they’re higher”.
    54-year-old accountant married for 30 years
    “After a few weeks on the omega 3’s I knew something was very different. One morning I got up to shave and I just couldn’t stand it. I hopped back into bed for a “quickie” that turned out to be not so quick. Boy, did we have to rush to get me out of the door in time so that I would not be late for work. That has never happened before in many years of marriage. It was a very good feeling.”
    60-year-old physician married for 34 years
    “After increasing my intake of folic acid, omega 3’s and antioxidants, we were on a vacation and after having had a great meal of white fish the previous evening, we just stayed in bed the next day like honeymooners. We’ve occasionally made love two or three times in a day when on vacation years ago, but this time was a great surprise. That day was better than we had ever experienced, even on our real honeymoon many years ago.”
    52-year-old fire-fighter married for over 20 years
    “It’s been much harder than I’ve experienced throughout my life. Many times it’s been so hard that it is impossible to imagine it being any harder. Now I really do know how hard, hard is!”
    50-year-old pilot, and recently divorced
    “My girlfriend has commented that our time together keeps getting better and better every time we make love. There was one time, recently, when she wanted me to make love to her again shortly after we just finished. I was a bit nervous because it has been a long time since I have been able to multiple times. I was greatly surprised to find myself rising up to the occasion and she was very happy with my performance. I am not used to receiving compliments for my performances in bed. This was a new one for me”.
    42-year-old attorney and recently remarried
    "I've been athletic, fit and generally in very good health throughout my life. At age 42 and newly wed to my soul mate, I never really imagined our intimacy could be better, and we had not experienced any problems in this area. However, within a week of adding fish oil and folic acid supplements to my diet, both my wife and I noticed some performance enhancements. The blood flow, duration and intensity of our intimacy seemed even better. With no other notable changes in diet or exercise, it seemed these supplements had noticeable positive effects. I'm also aware of research indicating the supplements can improve cardiac health, so for each of these reasons, I take my fish oil and folic acid daily.

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