Today, busy couples often forget that a strong relationship takes time and effort to maintain, and that physical sex without a strong committed relationship doesn't have the same level of satisfaction over time. It may help some to think back to those ‘early years’ of a relationship when both partners looked forward to just being together.

Commitment to Communication

Committed couples can maintain or recapture that same feeling of the ‘early years’, but it takes dedicated time and effort. They should set aside the time to go out to dinner on a regular basis or take a walk together each evening. Develop common interests that they can both enjoy together. Communication is always the key to a strong relationship and that bond will translate into a more meaningful and enjoyable sexual relationship. And no matter how many stresses a couple may have to endure in these difficult times, meeting those challenges openly together should strengthen their relationship and help to prevent those stresses from affecting physical and sexual enjoyment.

When Problems Occur

For a man, the failure to have an erection, and therefore to satisfy his partner, is extremely distressing. A man's self esteem is very much tied up with his sexual performance. Unfortunately, the stress of failing makes the next attempt even more difficult, creating ‘performance anxiety’. Sexual partners can help by being sympathetic, by focusing on improving diet, lifestyle and overall health, and by setting time aside to spend together. It is important not to push a sexual partner into performing when s/he isn’t in the mood. Failing to perform enthusiastically will only make the problem worse. One partner may prefer to have sex every day or hardly ever, but a willingness to adjust the frequency for the other partner may actually help the relationship and for the man, may decrease any performance anxiety.

A Positive Attitude

When ED or lack of interest in sexual activity is present it is best to be positive and optimistic about solutions and improvement. Following the Ten Steps to Better Erections, having some fun with Recipes for Lovers and making use of Sexual Aids can be very helpful and effective.