This website is named ‘erectile-function’ rather than ‘erectile-dysfunction’ because the creators of the site want couples to think positively, just as doctors who work with infertile couples prefer to speak of fertility treatment rather than treatment for infertility. Erectile-dysfunction or ED has been a valuable medical term to focus attention on this difficult problem that many couples face. Couples who deal with ED, however, should have a positive and optimistic outlook about the treatment options that are available to them. Improved erectile function can be realized with the proper education and motivation and by optimizing the body’s natural NO production. Just like with most medical and non-medical challenges in life, a positive attitude and optimistic outlook can make success more likely.

Website Owners and Developers

Sexuality EDucation Network owns and operates this website and is dedicated to providing couples with scientifically established information on how they can optimize their sexual enjoyment. The website and book, Survival of the FIRMEST, advocates an initial trial of the more natural methods to improve erectile function . When and if these methods are not enough on their own we believe that they will at least improve the response to erection-enhancing prescription drugs and at a lower dose. Many other websites provide information about erectile dysfunction (ED), but tend to emphasize the more expensive prescription treatments first, paying little attention to the natural ways to improve erectile function. Those websites that do promote supplements emphasize L-arginine, that, on its own, has little or no effect on erectile function, or other supplements based on “studies” that have never been published. In one investigation, almost half of the supplements promoted for ED actually contained small ‘illegal’ amounts of PDE-5 inhibitors (Cialis,Levitra and Viagra). At Sexuality EDucation Network evidence-based information and recommendations are provided.

The supplements that are recommended on this website have all been shown to stimulate nitric oxide (NO) production or to clinically improve erectile function. Two reproductive endocrinologists, both faculty members at the University of California (UCLA and UCSD), a registered dietician and fitness instructor, and a chef with a life-long interest in shopping and cooking for healthy eating have pooled their efforts and knowledge to provide the information published on this website and in scientific articles and books. Louis J. Ignarro, a Nobel Laureate in Medicine (1998) and discoverer of the role of nitric oxide (NO) in erectile function has written the forward for Survival of the FIRMEST. Publications by the authors of this website: David R. Meldrum, M.D.,Joseph C. Gambone, D.O., M.P.H.,Marge A. Morris, M. Ed., R.D., C.D.E., Louis J. Ignarro, Ph.D. A multifaceted approach to maximizing erectile function and vascular health. Fertility and Sterility 2010;94;214-220. [PMID:20522326]

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