Prevent and Reverse ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

Proven Natural Methods for Better Erections!

Survival of the FIRMEST describes how you can improve your erections, and at the same time, enhance your cardiovascular health and longevity. The ten steps recommended in the book stimulate nitric oxide production and reduce inflammatory markers, stabilize the heart’s rhythm and prevent further vascular damage and sudden cardiac death if you have existing heart disease. This is especially critical for men with ED under age 60, and for men who smoke or have diabetes, high blood pressure, or coronary artery disease. Patients with existing health issues may have greater challenges in adopting the ten steps, but the evidence shows that they can immediately improve their health by starting with initial steps -- exercise, supplements and smoking cessation -- and gradually add steps to lower or eliminate the need for ED medication, and possibly even hypertension or heart disease medications. Additional benefits of following the recommendations include reduced risks of certain cancers (e.g. breast, colon and prostate), Alzheimer’s disease and senility.

Survival of the FIRMEST also describes how many aspects of modern life can reduce NO production and cause Erectile Dysfunction (ED). And this ground-breaking book explains how maximizing nitric oxide can help you live a longer and healthier life.

You can order Survival of the FIRMEST today by clicking on "Buy Now" below. We suggest reading Ten Steps to Better Erections at the front of the book and chapter 7 first; then use the other chapters to enhance your knowledge regarding all of the factors influencing NO production.