Following the Ten Steps outlined on this website and discussed in more detail in the book, Survival of the FIRMEST, should go a long way toward improving erectile function and even reversing ED. For those men who are not currently experiencing ED, have early signs of ED or who experience ED only occasionally, following the Ten Steps recommendations should prevent significant ED from occurring. And overall health and vitality should improve too!

For those men who have tried the Ten Steps for a least several months and would still like greater improvement, traditional medicine offers help of at least three types for ED: prescription medications, injections and implants for those most resistant to medical treatment.


A note of caution should be mentioned before prescription medications are used for ED. These medications can have serious side effects and complications, especially in men who already have heart or blood vessel disease and should only be taken with professional supervision. Men who have optimized NO production by following the recommendations in the Ten Steps may need significantly less prescription medication for ED. These prescription medications can cause a prolonged erection (priapism), requiring a trip to the emergency room. It is best for men who have already optimized NO to start with about one-fourth of the usual dose and gradually increase the dose until it is certain that an excessive response will not occur. The benefits, side effects and risks of taking these prescription medications with a prescribing physician supervising the care can be found at,,


When both natural and prescription medications are not sufficient to treat ED a man should see a urologist and s/he may suggest medications that can be injected into the penis, a suppository that can be placed into the opening of the penis, or other medications for their individual situation.


Even when all of these options are not satisfactory, there is still hope for men with ED. There are a variety of surgical implants that can be considered and scientists and researchers are continuing to develop newer drugs and devices to restore erectile function in men with ED.