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The authors and their published reviews

Two reproductive endocrinologists, a dietician and fitness instructor, and a chef with a life-long interest in cooking for health have pooled their efforts to create this website and write our two books. align=

Left to right Claudia, Dave, Marge, and Joe - hiking of course:)

They are dedicated to helping couples enjoy their sexuality to the fullest by providing information to maximize erectile function. Their interest was initiated by the observation that about one quarter of infertile couples experience sexual problems.

David R Meldrum MD

Dr. Meldrum graduated at the top of his medical school class at McGill University and is presently a reproductive endocrinologist and a clinical professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and UCSD. He has published over 150 articles, books and book chapters and served for 22 years on the editorial board and 7 years as an editorial editor for the journal, Fertility and Sterility. His interest in erectile dysfunction (ED) was fueled by the observations that about a quarter of men and the same proportion of women with infertility have significant sexual dysfunction. “This is an area that has not received sufficient attention by reproductive endocrinologists seeing infertile couples. We now have highly effective treatments that will enhance their sexual enjoyment, but also will help solve their infertility”.

Joseph Gambone DO MPH

Dr. Gambone is a reproductive endocrinologist and professor emeritus at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He was awarded a Masters of Public Health degree from the UCLA School of Public Health in 1999. He is the author of over 100 scientific articles and book chapters and was executive editor of Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynecology. “We live in a very health-hostile environment that is just as hazardous to our health and quality of life as early man’s environment was to his very survival. It’s just a lot more difficult to recognize the risks of our current hostile environment than when an animal is trying to make you his dinner. This website and our books will help you to realize that modern life’s conveniences are costing us dearly.”

Marge Morris M Ed RD CDE

Marge Morris has a Master’s degree in education from Vanderbilt University, and a postgraduate degree in nutrition, and training in exercise and physical fitness from UCLA. She has worked at UCLA Medical Center as a clinical dietitian, counsels patients with diabetes, and has taught nutrition online. Marge is a registered dietician and is certified as a Diabetes Educator. “Proper dietary choices and an active lifestyle are the keys to vascular health and to cancer prevention. You can learn to really enjoy being active and your tastes will change so that you will enjoy healthy eating. One's diet has marked effects on both fertility and erectile function. Probably at least half of cancers are preventable by following a nutritious diet.”

Claudia Meldrum

“You eat what you buy, so the right choices start at the supermarket. It’s not so difficult to make healthy food taste really good. Try the recipes in our expanded book that concentrates more on the obesity crisis, weight loss and healthy eating.” Claudia has spent four decades learning how to shop for the most nutritious foods and to obtain the most flavor from recipes without needlessly adding fat, sugar, and calories. “It’s amazing what a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and appropriate supplements can do for maintaining erectile function. I also strongly suspect that those same lifestyle changes will show similar benefits for women. It’s hard to believe, but couples can enjoy better sex than ever before. This website can enable ALL couples to have lifelong sexual satisfaction and not just those experiencing problems. We also hope to reach many people who can benefit from my lifelong interest in shopping and cooking for health”.

We have published the following journal reviews and papers on this subject:

1. Meldrum DR, Gambone JC, Morris MA, Ignarro LJ. A multifaceted approach to maximize erectile function and vascular health. Fertil Steril 2010;94:2514-20.

2. Meldrum, DR, Gambone JC, Morris M, Meldrum DAN, Esposito K, Ignarro LJ: The Link Between Erectile and Cardiovascular Health: The Canary in the Coal Mine. Amer J Cardiol, 2011;108:599-606.

3. David R. Meldrum, M.D., Joseph C. Gambone, D.O., M.P.H., Marge A. Morris, M. Ed., R.D., C.D.E., Katherine Esposito, M.D., Ph.D., Dario Giugliano, M.D., Ph.D., Louis J. Ignarro, Ph.D. Lifestyle and metabolic approaches to maximizing erectile and vascular health. Int J Impot Res 2012;24:61-8.

4. Meldrum DR, Burnett AL, Dorey G, Esposito K, Ignarro LJ. Erectile hydraulics: maximizing inflow while minimizing outflow. J Sex Med 2014;11:1208-20.

5. Eisenberg ML, Meldrum D. Effects of age on fertility and sexual function. Fertil Steril 2017;107:301-4.

6. Meldrum DR, Morris MA, Gambone JC. The obesity pandemic: Causes, consequences and solutions, but do we have the will? Fertil Steril, 2017;107:833-9.

7. Meldrum DR, Morris MA, Gambone JC, Esposito K. Aging and Erectile Function. Aging Male, 2020; 23:1115-1124.

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Great antioxidants:








Green tea


Dark chocolate

--low sugar



--particularly cooked


--e.g. ginger, oregano, tumeric, cumin